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Reach out if you want to share your experience and or get any general tips. Always remember to talk to your doctor, paediatrician , midwife or health visitor for a professional advice.

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Veronica Arteaga

About Me

I am Veronica Arteaga, a Venezuelan living in London. working full time in media and now on maternity leave as a full time mum!.

After having my baby boy Oliver, I was on a mission of improving sleep, helping other mums and give as much information I could share based on experience, lots of researching and classes I've taken to enjoy to the max our babies and this beautiful stage!

Feel free to reach out, to challenge and to have an open conversation about motherhood.

Veroplucker  Blog


My personal experience on...


The newborn stage is so difficult but it doesn't have to be that way. Learn the tips I learned to make it better and how my baby boy learned to sleep by himself, in his crib, in his room!

Combined Feeding

All my tips on how I managed combined feeding, times, milk supply and pumping for a stash. At the end the baby will always decide what they want and my decided that breastmilk was better for him.


My Pre, During and Post pregnancy tips. Fitness routine and healthy recipes I swear by.

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